Month: April 2014

THE BOOKS ON FILM/TELEVISION no longer on this blog

The Books On Film and The Books On Television will no longer be posted on this site.  However, SCREEN SCREENER will be the home of SCREEN BOOKS  for all your future literature on Film and Television needs.


BOOKS ON FILM – Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide

I like books.  I like film.  I like books on film…


I used to call this my bible.  I’d buy an update every year or every two years.  The perfect reference guide for a film buff.  At the time my internet access was mostly via the university computer rooms, so this was great to have around.  The synopsis/reviews were concise, accurate and sometimes funny and it was a book that was a great guide and a fun thing to dip into randomly.

Of course, today, it’s unnecessary, with instant internet access almost anywhere.  Free.  Constantly updated.  With better search functions.  But way back then it was the perfect book for me.  I’m surprised it’s still around, but part of me is glad is it.

~ DUG.


BOOKS ON MY OTHER BLOGS: Comic Issues – Astro City: Life in the Big City

Stepping On Point

A blog about understanding comics for people trying to get into them for the first time or to catch up again.

  • Comic Issues – Astro City: Life in the Big City  Written by Kurt Busiek, Covers by Alex Ross and art by Brent Anderson it’s the story of a world full of superheroes, but about the ordinary lives of the people – hero and not – in that city.

~ DUG.