THE REVIEWS ON MUSIC – Gravediggaz ~ 6 Feet Deep/Niggamortis

I like stuff.  Stuff like music…

Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep

I asked on Google+ for people to recommend albums I should list to.  I thought I would share the results here.  (See the Full List).  Please recommend albums at any of the above.

Gravediggaz ~ 6 Feet Deep/Niggamortis was recommended by Bambos Iguanadon

Not the sort of music I usually listen to, which can be good or bad. Fortunately, in this case it made it sound fresh to me. I’m not sure why I didn’t know there was such a thing as horrorcore before this, but I’m glad I know about it now. Unfortunately, I found the songs I liked lyrically I didn’t like sonically or vice versa and in one case I hated the way it sounded but was at the same time enraptured by it.

Two songs stood out for me: “Defective Trip (Trippin’)” and “1800-Suicide.”

Recommending back:  Don’t know any horrorcore.  But let’s try this:  Abney Park – Lost Horizons

~ DUG.



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