THE REVIEWS ON COMICS – Alan Moore’s From Hell

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From Hell is Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s retelling of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Although Moore has had a lot of popularity with his mainstream comics, his alternative stuff is far more interesting.  From Hell is Moore’s telling of the Jack the Ripper murders.  Although, it seems that he doesn’t truly believe the theory expounded and more like he’s put the pieces from multiple theories together to make what he sees as the most interesting version.  Rather, Alan Moore’s From Hell is more about history, philosophy, metaphysics, conspiracies, sex, violence and free masonry.

From Hell

The story mostly followers the killer, but also devotes multiple chapters to the lives of the investigate and the victims and other famous suspects as minor players or victims in their own  ways.

Surprisingly for Moore’s work, the comic steers away from anything too supernatural apart from Gull prophetic breakdowns – even Queen Victoria’s spiritual adviser admits outright to being a phony.  Like a lot of Moore’s work, it’s a dense read, bringing together a lot of ideas from different fields of study and cramming them on the page.  You finish the work feeling you’ve been educated, but not sure how much to believe.

Eddie Campbell’s art is rough and dark, leading, at times to difficulty identifying characters and locations, but the style suits the darkness and horror being portrayed.

~ DUG.

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