BOOKS ONLINE – Short Stories of Isaac Asimov

I love books and short stories.  Here are some stories available online.


Isaac Asimov, one of the greats of the Golden Age of Science Fiction and a master of the short story.  Here are 10 of his stories you can read now.


  • 1939 Robot story.


  • 1941 Robot story (featuring Susan Calvin)


  • 1941 Distance planet story.


Not Final

  • 1941 Ganymede colony story.



  • 1946 Robot story (featuring Susan Calvin & Stephen Byerley)

The Immortal Bard

  • 1954 Time Travel story.


The Dead Past

  • 1956 Time Travel story.


The Last Question

  • 1956 Multivac story.


Feeling of Power

  • 1958 Story of war in the future.

The Bicentennial Man

  • 1976 Robot story.

 ~ DUG.

I, Robot



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