BOOKS ON MY SHELF – The Colour of Magic (Terry Pratchett)

I like books.  Here’s one that is on my bookshelf.


The first Discworld novel (published in 1983).

The first in a long running series often has issues, and The Colour of Magic is no exception.  While the later books parody the real word in a parallel way, the first pokes fun at fantasy worlds, not really fantasy books in as much as the settings itself.  The jokes are there but many don’t hit as well or often as they do in the later books.  It’s also the only Discworld novel to end on a cliffhanger, something common in fantasy novels but fortunately not to this series.  The novel stars loveable cowardly non-wizard, Rincewind, and his clueless tourist sidekick , Twoflower.  It also introduces a lot of minor characters and situations that get their own books later, including the Wizards of the Unseen University and Death.  The bulk of the book is a fantasy world travelogue, something that is a bit overused in fantasy literature and makes sense to parody and gives us little glimpses of the Discworld, many of which never get seen again in the series.  It does have a little of that going on, the early book in a series in which things are set up that never pay off, are ignored or quickly disappear.

Still funny in it’s own right and a great introduction to the Discworld series of novels.

~ DUG.



  1. Yeah. Not my favorite. I always tell people that if they read this one first and aren’t sure, don’t give up. This series is worth sticking with even if it doesn’t explode out of the gate.

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