BOOKS ON MY DEVICE – The Inimitable Jeeves (PG Wodehouse)

Wonderful Wodehouse

A whole bunch of Jeeves stories.

Every time I pick Jeeves up after a while without reading his stories I can’t help but hear Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Hugh Laurie as Bertie.  However, after a while they revert back to the generic voices in my head.  This is called a semi-novel, in reality a whole lot of short stories put together (and referencing each other to flow).

Wodehouse is still funny and there is still a poetry to his writing, however the language and cultural references are starting to lose their meaning.  I still prefer Saki a little more, his Reginald and Clovis stories are meaner, many of his other stories more macabre, but that appeals to me because that’s the type of person I am.  The stories are sometimes a little predictable, Jeeves always has another plan going on, sometimes this plan is a surprise, but often only to Bertie.

That said, the stories are well worth reading and a lot of fun.

~ DUG.

Jeeves & Wooster



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